Sunday, 12 August 2007

Footy's back

... and everything that goes with being a Chelsea fan. Starting the season at home against Birmingham and all the expectation of a big win. Surprisingly Drogba manages to make the bench and Chelsea begin with some awesome flowing football. Malouda looks top class in a new 4-4-2 formation and the ball is popped all over the park. SWP is bright but Glen 'toilet seat' Johnson looks as erratic as ever. And alomst on queue, Chelsea go behind to a set piece ..... only to then drive on to a 2-1 lead - goals from Pizzaro and Malouda before Birmingham level things just before half time. Its alarmingly predictable for a Chelsea side without JT, lots of style but suspect at the back ... and frankly Glen Johnson doesn't help.

Second half and an Essien guided missile makes it 3-2 and normal service is resumed before the appearance of Drogba just after the hour. However 4-4-2 still looks, at times, an uncomfortable formation and there are way too many gaps in midfield that a better team will surely exploit if they are not addressed. On the bright side however Malouda looks like one hell of a good buy, its a 3 point start and 64 home games unbeaten - that's Liverpool's record overtaken - almost inevitably.

Its gonna be an entertaining season .....Come on you Blues

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