Sunday, 19 August 2007

Liverpool vs Chelsea ... this cant keep happening ...

How many times will Chelsea go a goal behind in the first third of the first half of a game!!
Jose made an 'interesting' (translates as weird) choice today in playing Essien at right back and SWP in a midfeild slot behind Drogba. All it seemed to do was make the midfield look pretty lightweight. .... and within 15mins Torres skins Ben-Hiam and Liverpool are ahead. Still, Terry does go close just before the break so maybe the second half will be better for the mighty Blues.

Second half brings changes with Pizzaro on for Kalu and a more traditional 4-4-2 with SWP out wide and within 3mins Pizzaro misses a sitter. Liverpool come back with bright quick football and suddenly its all end to end, a bit frantic and just a little bit bad tempered. On the hour the ref gives us a crazy penalty which Lamps buries apparently for a foul on Malouda. But it only adds to the frantic and scrappy second half. Joe Cole comes on as the clock hits the 75min mark but its same old same as up to the final whistle.

Liverpool fume about the penalty that should never have been but Jose looks happy with an away point.

SkySports report,19764,11065_2861120,00.html.


Anonymous said...

Cant beleive how lucky Chelsea were. Out played and out classed and stole a point.

Coe62 said...

It a view ... but the blues have had their share of 'Mersey muggings'. Still a long way to go, but thanks for the comment