Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Kiss the badge.... Kiss my ...

Pardon my title but ....
Is it just me or is this whole Frank Lampard thing just getting a little tedious.

"I want to stay, this is my home" says our Frank. "He told me he wants to stay for many years" says Big Phil .... but within minutes the agents are in saying that the situation is far from resolved.
What's the problem ? Sign the contract and put the matter to bed. Oh no its never that simple - apparently ! Its all about 4 years vs 5 years, £130K pw vs £150k pw, one year extensions vs contract commitments. So what price loyalty, what price sticking with the club and fans that stuck by you - clearly this is out of place in the modern game and frankly (sic) we shouldn't be surprised.
Personally I'd like to see Lamps stay but I doubt it will happen

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