Monday, 24 September 2007

... between love & hate; respect & pity

Man Utd 2 - Chelsea 0

The result was almost irrelevant, though 11 against 11 and a decent bit of time keeping might have at least made it a contest. What was needed was a display and by and large we got one. We were never going to just roll over and there were some positives from the game however what is clear is that the post Jose era is going to be tough on Avram Grant who already has the demeanour of 'dead man walkin'.

It actually doesn't matter that the personnel in the Chelsea dressing room haven't changed. At this level its all about mentality and Jose had the winning mentality. Sure he was arrogant and his comments were often poorly chosen but things were black and white - you either loved him (and us) or hated him (and us). The football was not THAT dull - to a fan, winning is never dull - but the style question became a stick to whip us with.

Winning ultimately breeds respect, even if it doesn't come in the short term. Could Arsenal really be where they are now if it wasn't for the "1-0 to the Arsenal" days of George Graham and co ?. Would people respect Man U if they hadn't won so many premier league titles ?

We have sacked a winner and as fans are now the object of pity in many quarters. I heard Henry Winter saying that he felt sorry for Chelsea fans who had got used to "visiting great stadia and picking up trophies over the last 4 years".

I / We don't want anyones pity. I want my Chelsea back.

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